“The Hebrew Word “YOM” – What’s in a Day?” with David Rives and Paul Taylor

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Atheistic evolution may need billions of years, but as believers we do not. Jesus Christ said that Moses wrote of Him and questioned how those who discounted the writings of Moses could possibly believe the things that He Himself said. Therein lies the problem. Those attending our schools and universities are being taught that the writings of Moses cannot be taken literally. Unproven theories of evolution in direct contradiction to the creation account we read in Genesis are being presented AS FACT – and many young people come away questioning everything – including the Gospel of Christ. Is God capable of creating everything in six literal days or did he need billions of years? We need to take a look at the Hebrew word ‘yom’ or ‘day’ IN CONTEXT and find out what the Bible really says. Learn more on GSN… Be sure to tune in to Genesis Science Network TONIGHT, July 3rd, to see this program!