The Ice Age: Cool Critters! with David Rives and Buddy Davis on TBN

AIRDATE: Saturday, September 9th at 1:30pm Central

The Ice Age! We’ve all heard of Sabre-Tooth Tigers and Mammoths and Mastodons, trekking through the icy landscapes, but what is the Ice Age? And does it fit with the Biblical history? Find out on this week’s episode of “Creation in the 21st Century”

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In the Amazing Animals Of The Great Ice Age Super Pack you will get 3 incredible items: Amazing Animals of the Great Ice Age DVD – Cool Critters of the Ice Age Book – and as a bonus, you will also receive an exact replica cast of a mammoth toe bone.

ITEM #1: Amazing Animals Of The Great Ice Age DVD

What conditions would it take to produce an Ice Age? In, Amazing Animals Of The Great Ice Age, you will learn about Giant beavers, sabre-tooth tigers, mammoths, and a whole lot more. What is the Ice Age, and how does it fit with the Biblical history? The answers that you find to these questions may surprise you, as you watch this exciting 30 minute program. Buddy Davis is an adventurer, a paleo-artist and sculptor, a musician, and a speaker for Answers In Genesis. No matter your ‘age’, prepare to be amazed as Buddy Davis shares the truth about these fascinating creatures!

ITEM #2: Cool Critters Of The Ice Age Book

Meet 17 strange and unusual animals, some the size of a car! Some with antlers over 12 feet long!
“Monster-sized” in North and South America!

There is a lot to learn about life during the great Ice Age. Was the ice everywhere? How did these animals live? With interesting facts about glaciers, land bridges, these animals and more– you will see an amazing world emerge from the cold and distant past! Don’t forget your coat as you step back in time to discover why the Ice Age happened and what the Bible reveals about it!

ITEM #3: Mammoth Toe Bone (Exact Replica!)

This cast is of one of the 18 toe bones from the foot of a Woolly Mammoth from the frozen tundra of Alaska. This is an exact replica cast of the original fossil that was discovered. This collectible is made to look just like the real thing. An EXACT replica. Every detail is preserved. Coloring may vary. This specimen is highly detailed to look just like the original artifact.