The Origin of the Moon – David Rives

Genesis 1:16 tells us that the moon was created by God as a light to rule the night. However, some astronomers have taken God out of the picture, and come up with many theories on how the moon could have originated through cosmic evolution. To name a few, The Fission Theory, The Capture Theory, The Nebular Theory, and the most recent, The Giant Collision Theory.

In the collision theory, about 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth was struck by a planet-sized object traveling at an estimated 25,000 mph. This massive collision caused debris to be thrown into earth’s orbit, and over a period of time, this debris gathered and formed itself into a single moon.

They would say that the positive effects of the Moon, including circulation of ocean water, night-time illumination, and time-keeping, are mere coincidence. Its unusual size, and the scientific study of the Sun that it provides are all features that point to design.

Despite the attempts of secular scientists to explain the origin of the Moon, each one has been replaced over time with a new evolutionary theory. One day, perhaps they’ll learn that the Bible was correct after all.

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