The Stricken Earth: Ring of Fire – With David Rives and Mike Snavely on TBN

Tune in to TBN this Friday, March 18th @ 5:30 pm CST (3:30 pm Pacific) for this week’s episode of Creation in the 21st Century.

What effect did the global flood in Noah’s day have on the bottoms of some of Earth’s largest oceans? Join David Rives and Mike Snavely to find answers to this question and more in this week’s exciting episode of Creation in the 21st Century titled “The Stricken Earth: Ring of Fire.”

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“If an event as cataclysmic as a global flood (and its implications) was ignored, for any reason, major errors or misunderstandings would creep into science and society” – Dr. Walt Brown

Indeed, many such misunderstandings have in fact crept in, such as evolutionary explanations for geological features (fossils, strata layers, mountain ranges, etc.).  But, these very features speak of a rapid catastrophe, not slow processes.  This session covers key aspects of the flood by answering many questions, including:


  1. Is there physical evidence for a global event?
  2. Why was there a flood?
  3. What happened, and how?
  4. What was the ark really like?  Could the animals really fit in?
  5. What did this catastrophe cause?

This seminar includes exclusive explanations and animations of the hydroplate theory, proposed by Dr. Brown.  This theory provides a fascinating, yet biblically accurate and scientifically feasible look at how this deluge might have taken place.  It also provides the answer for the issue of where all the water would have come from, and where it went afterwards!

This was a cataclysmic event that still has profound implications for us today.  Furthermore, it provides us with a look at God’s terrible judgment of the past, and a warning for the one to come!

“Past failure to answer honest flood questions opened the door to evolution.  Answering them will begin to reestablish the flood as Earth’s defining geological event…” ~ Dr. Walt Brown

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