The Vogue of Science – David Rives

Darwinian evolution has become the vogue for the scientific community. But peer pressure and academic acceptance maintains its status, and not science.

In the Origin of Species, Darwin writes: “We have in this chapter discussed some of the difficulties and objections which may be urged against my theory. Many of them are very grave; but I think that in the discussion light has been thrown on several facts…”

In his one-sided “discussion”, he attempts to explain some of the grave difficulties to his theory, yet falls short in so many ways.

He indicates that the Geological record regarded so highly today by evolutionists is a very incomplete guide brought to us for study by various subsidence and uplifts.

Sir Charles Lyell, praised as revolutionary by Darwin, believed that each rock strata represented vast ages of calculable time.

His evolutionary perspective could not be reconciled with the Biblical account. The effects of a global flood, however, would explain many of the findings of geologists by way of rapidly-forming stratum filled with fossil remains.

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