The WHO of Creation ANSWERED Book by Dr. Kevin Anderson

Where did I come from? Who am I? Why is there evil? What is the meaning of life? Find the answers in The WHO of Creation Answered book.

Many people struggle with these questions because they do not know the who of creation. They may vaguely acknowledge that God created, but are far too influenced by modernistic teachings of evolution, which only allows for a creator to gradually work over billions of years. Such a creator becomes far removed from a personal and intimate savior. Christianity teaches of Jesus’ love and sacrifice, but who is Jesus? The resurrection is a central canon of Christianity, but what meaning does it have 2,000 years later? Has modern science replaced the Bible as our source of ultimate knowledge? Have scientific discoveries refuted basic biblical teachings of creation, Adam & Eve, and Noah’s flood? Dr. Anderson addresses these questions with a clarity of thought and a passion to know our Creator. As both a Christian and a scientist, he provides a unique insight into biblical and scientific teachings of creation and human origins.