This Week In Astronomy

Spring Brings Galaxy Season!
April skies provide stargazers with ample opportunities to observe far-off galaxies. With the Virgo Galaxy Cluster and bright galaxies in the Big Dipper and Coma Berenices well-positioned in the sky, April evenings are truly a gift for galaxy hounds. Check out a few of our favorite galaxies: M101, M51, and M106 near the Big Dipper asterism; M86, M87, M84 and M104 in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster; and don’t miss NGC 4565, M64, M99, and M100 in the constellation Coma Berenices.

Jupiter Shines Brightly During New Moon
The brilliant silver-white luster of Jupiter shines brightest this year beginning April 16th, timed perfectly with the dark skies of the new moon. The planet’s two equatorial belts are easy to view and delight beginners and advanced observers alike. Take a closer look to view more subtle clouds, spots, and belts.