“Toppling The Pillars – Darwinian Evolution Exposed” with David Rives and Mike Snavely

Playing TONIGHT, February 27th, 8:00PM Central on GSN.
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What can DNA Sequencing tell us? Can life spring from non-life? Do mutations add information and prove evolution? How do we know what is good science? Structural engineering requires upright columns or pillars to support beams on which buildings are constructed. Engineers have to be very careful in their designs, because without solid support pillars, the rest of the building just might not stand the test of time. The same can be said for scientific theories. Without a solid foundation, over time, those theories eventually give way and collapse. So where is the science leading? Join Mike Snavely and David Rives, as they discuss the unstable pillars upon which the theories of evolution are based. What can DNA Sequencing tell us? Did life really spring into existence from a prehistoric glob of goo? Learn more on GSN… Be sure to tune in to Genesis Science Network TONIGHT, February 27th, to see this program!