Update from David

Hello friends,
Some exciting news today! As most of you know, a number of weeks ago we had a major attack from the enemy – The complete shutdown of our 24/7 free live streaming TV channel, “Genesis Science Network.” 
Some would just give up. After all, it costs our ministry a lot to keep the network up and free-to-watch. In spite of the difficulties, we immediately went to work and found a service that could handle the enormous volume of viewers. They agreed to work with us and help us get it back up and going very quickly. The online stream on our website (which also works on mobile phones and tablets) now has a live broadcast schedule that shows what’s playing and what’s coming up. 
Roku TV was the next step – a complete reworking of the app, which included the same new schedule feature, a more stable player, and SO much more. 
This JUST WENT LIVE!!! We’re now back up and running on all platforms! Amazon FireTV will soon be getting an update and more special announcements are coming very soon. 
If you could take a moment to check out the Roku or online feed of GSN and let us know what you think, I’d appreciate it so much. We’re getting final bugs worked out and are receiving many positive comments. One homeschool mom had NEVER heard of creation science until she was channel surfing and found GSN!

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to those who have stepped up to support and pray for the efforts of this ministry. They are not in vain. 
This was no small undertaking, both in the amount of time investment it required as well as financially.

Share Genesis Science Network with your friends and please continue to keep us in your prayers as we bring this live streaming channel to viewers around the world at no charge. With your continued prayers and support we are able to keep bringing the good news of the Gospel and the message of Creation to the world.

May you be blessed a thousand fold as you have blessed us in the ministry!

David Rives – The Heavens Declare the Glory of God