Update from David

Hello friends,

It was a blessing to have our readers respond last week to our request for a mailing address to be added to our print newsletter list. Again, if you would like to receive our free monthly print newsletter, just respond to this email with your name and mailing address, and we will make sure to put you on the list.

This week, I need your input. We are planning a special ‘marathon’ event to air on Genesis Science Network. Do you “dig´ dinosaurs or are you into “awesome” astronomy? What other subjects interest you?

We need to know what programs you would like to see for our “most requested” topics marathon. Let us know what your favorite topic is by replying to this email and we will tally the answers to see what comes in first place. We will let you know details about the GSN marathon as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping share the good news with your friends and family about the Bible and the good science it confirms.

God bless,
David Rives – Truly, the Heavens Declare the Glory of God