Update from David

June will be a busy month for the ministry. I will be leading a full tour of 47 participants to South Africa with my friend Buddy Davis. I can’t wait to bring you photos and video from the experience, but photos don’t do it justice — which means you’ll have to join me for next year’s family safari!

As soon as I arrive back in the States, we will be filming more episodes of “Creation in the 21st Century” TV in Dallas, TX. With a brand-new intro, larger set, and new on-location segments, this TV show has grown to be a beacon of truth for Creation Science, and is accessible in over 100 million homes around the world.

We are in the middle of several very large projects right now, including new DVDs and short videos. In fact, our Facebook page is buzzing with new, shareable on-location videos that tackle creation vs. evolution in a fun way.

Please keep us in your prayers… we are reaching more people with the truth than we ever dreamed, and it is because of God’s blessings on this ministry.

God bless,