Update from David

Dear friends,

It’s hard to keep up with all of the activity going on in the ministry! Our last few months have been packed, and it’s been difficult to keep our weeks straight. From unexpected filming trips with colleagues, to taping some amazing episodes of Creation in the 21st Century in Dallas, we’re busier than ever before. My speaking and traveling schedule won’t let up until November of this year, and large portions of next year are already booked! I have to attribute this huge boom directly to God’s blessings. Yes, we are working harder than ever before, but the doors that are opening are clearly supernatural.

We’ve been a lot more active on our Facebook page over the last year, posting articles, on-location pictures, and so much more, and we’re seeing an explosion of interest. I’m delighted to say that, already, we have nearly 70,000 friends who keep up with us on our “David Rives Ministries” Facebook page!

Our Wonders of Creation Center in Tennessee has several new exhibits that we think visitors will enjoy. One exhibit is a Deinonychus Raptor, famous for being in the family of Raptors featured in popular movies (you know the ones I’m talking about). We have flood sediments washing in layers as well as an example of how the footprints of theropod dinosaurs might have been preserved.

As we were nearing completion of the exhibit, I invited a guest (who had a very small dog on his arm) to see the progress. As I was describing what we know about these Raptors, the dog was intently looking at the model. After a moment of staring, the smallest rolling growl started to escape the mouth of the dog. Yes, it really does look THAT real!

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Until next week, keep looking up! Truly, the heavens declare the Glory of God!

-David Rives