Update from David

Hello friends, an exciting update:
You can now watch our “Wonders Without Number” programs each week on NRB Network! Each Friday, our Wonders Without Number video series can be viewed on the NRB Network. Tune in Fridays at 4pm CST on DIRECTV channel 378 and Glorystar Satellite Systems.
I have been traveling nearly every week for the past few months, although my schedule will soon allow us to catch up on things at the office and ministry center. Recently I’ve been to IN, AZ, MI, WY, UT, and headed to CO tomorrow. Pray for divine appointments there. Recently at the Wonders of Creation Center, I filmed with Dr. Andrew Snelling who is the Director of Research at Answers In Genesis. We discussed rocks, fossils, and the age of the earth using different radioisotopes. I’ll tell you more about that soon!
Thanks for your continued support as we tackle many projects and reach the world with the truth. It is making a difference.