Update from David

Hello friends,
As you read this, I am in Dallas, Texas preparing for the first day of taping more episodes of “Creation in the 21st Century.” Tomorrow, I will be joined on set by Dr. Kevin Anderson who will be presenting research into the famed soft tissue and proteins that have recently been discovered in dinosaur bones…bones that were thought to be over 65 million years old! Please keep us in your prayers that everything will go smoothly with all of the taping that we will be doing over the next three days.


Just a short time ago, our 24/7 free live streaming channel, “Genesis Science Network” went dark. If you watch GSN then you know that we air awesome video content from all of the major creation ministries around the world as well as the programs that we produce here at David Rives Ministries. Within minutes of the network going dark, we started getting calls and emails asking what had happened. Normally, if something like this happened, it would just be a small glitch in the server or internet… however, this time it was something different…We got a notification that the service we use to deliver GSN to ROKU wanted to quadruple our rates immediately or else they would allow our TV channel to go off the air! Basically, they were holding our channel for ransom until we payed an outrageously high monthly fee! Of course, we absolutely did not have the means to cover the size of this bill. As a result, the service ultimately shut down the network.


We know that GSN has made a massive impact on a global scale! Over the past month, we have received scores of calls and messages from our viewers in places like Australia, the United Kingdom, and others, asking: ‘why is Genesis Science Network off the air?’ The last reports that we received indicated that we were having around 85,000 viewers tune in every month to watch!

We know that the enemy doesn’t like the message and is trying to attack it in any way possible. Looks like MOMENTARILY, he has succeeded, but we have faith that God will take us through this even stronger. Please pray for us! As a non-profit ministry, we have always tried to take the things that we have been blessed with and turn them right back around to use for His glory. Getting the network back up and running will be no small undertaking! We will basically have to start from scratch, re-transcoding and re-uploading hundreds of hours of video content to a new server, before we could even activate the streaming internet player. We are working as hard as we can to make this happen and we thank you for your prayers and support! Please know that we are taking a huge leap of faith in this endeavor, as we had just recently reached the point of covering the monthly costs of the streaming network. Just the initial setup fees to swap to a new server will exceed $15,000.


A viewer and ministry supporter came forward a few days ago, after hearing about the shutdown. He told me that, as a result of “stumbling upon” the network nearly 2 years ago, God showed him the absolute truth of Genesis. This gave him the courage to lead a study group at his church, on the book of Genesis. His grown son who was an unbeliever, attended the study, and later that year surrendered to Christ!

Thank you for helping us boldly go forward with this message as we continue to share the truth of the Gospel and proclaim the glory of God through science.

David Rives
“The Heavens Declare the Glory of God”