Update From David

Hello friends!
Thanks for praying for us. On Sunday I was in Kentucky, where I gave 3 presentations on Biblical science at Calvary Baptist. One session on Astronomy and difficulties with Big Bang cosmology, one on Biblical science, and one talk on using our natural curiosity to explore creation. A great blessing to be able to share.

The two weeks previous were focused on the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention and the follow-up involved. I spent time in Orlando, FL meeting with so many friends and colleagues and we were able to speak about ways to grow the ministry.

Next weekend, I’ll be in Kenosha, Wisconsin speaking twice, as we hopefully are able to reach even more people with the truth of Creation and proclaim the glory of God.

I look forward to giving you another update next week. God bless,
David Rives – Truly, the heavens declare the glory of God.