Where is the Heavy Metal?

The Big Bang is supposed to have produced the elements Hydrogen and Helium, and we are led to believe that from these two, all 118 of the elements that make up the periodic table were formed.

Is that possible? Let’s take a quick look at science.

Hydrogen, is one electron and one proton. Deuterium, which is an isotope of Hydrogen, is one electron, one proton, and one neutron. Two Deuterium’s, through nuclear fusion, can produce Helium. One might assume that this process could continue on indefinitely, producing heavier elements, but right there at Helium, we have a problem…

There is a bottleneck at mass 5 and mass 8. There are no stable isotopes of any
element having atomic masses 5 or 8. So how were the heavier elements formed?
Mass 1 is hydrogen. One step above that, we find mass 2, or deuterium, and by combining
two deuterium’s, we get mass 4 – helium, but it stops right there. There would be no way to
expand the atomic table past that point. One more BIG problem with the BIG Bang.

So where did the heavy metal come from? The Bible tells us that in the beginning, in six days, God created the heaven, earth, and everything… including Iridium, Titanium, and Tungsten – And it was good.

I’m David Rives…
Truly, The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.