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Dinosaurs and Dragons with David Rives and James Gardner on TBN

Watch Creation in the 21st Century on TBN this Saturday, August 8th at 12:30pm Central as David Rives hosts James Gardner of Canopy Ministries.  If you watched the program and are interested in getting more information on this subject, follow the link below to check out The Truth About Dinosaurs DVD with David Rives and … Read More

Can Christians Believe In Dinosaurs?

Can Christians Believe In Dinosaurs? | David Rives

Can I be a Bible-believing Christian and believe in dinosaurs? You know, the kind of dinosaurs we see in the movies? Right, you know those scary ones that lived millions of years ago, killed everything in sight, and then inexplicably turned into birds after all dying in a meteor explosion? Well, maybe not thoseā€¦ See, … Read More