Tiny House – Check out the “Hummingbird Nest” | David Rives

Tiny homes are all the rage these days. They’ve even got TV shows dedicated to showcasing these little custom jewels. But if you think that 300 square feet is minimalist, what if I told you that I’m showcasing today a comfortable home with a floor plan of only 250 – square millimeters, that is! What … Read More

arctic tern flying

Bible Knows Best: The Arctic Tern

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE AMAZING ANIMALS OF ALASKA 2 DVD SET TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ARCTIC TERN AND OTHER INCREDIBLE ALASKAN CREATURES. In the book of Job, God asks the following question: ““Doth the hawk fly by thy wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south?” In Jeremiah 8, we read “Yea, … Read More