Incredible Grizzly Bear | David Rives

Click here to sign up for our FREE bi-monthly publication The Creation Club magazine When your scientific name is Ursus arctos horribillis, you know you have a reputation for something! That’s the scientific name for the American brown bear, better known as a grizzly. And I’m here with my new friend, Mark Dumas where I … Read More

Symbiosis & Mutualism

The Crimson Worm | David Rives and Dr. Jobe Martin on TBN

What does a little worm have to do with Jesus, Calvary, and salvation? Watch Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives on TBN this Saturday, August 3rd at 1:30pm Central to learn more! If you watched the program and related material, just click the photo and links below to go to our store. CLICK … Read More