Fossils and the Flood

The Grand Canyon with David Rives and Dr. Andrew Snelling on TBN

Watch Creation in the 21st Century this Saturday, September 7th at 1:30pm Central. David Rives & Dr. Andrew Snelling talk about the Grand Canyon. If you watched the program and want related material, just click the photo and links below to go to our store. CLICK HERE to check out “Geology & The Flood” Trilogy … Read More

Mount St. Helens: Young Earth Proof

Mount St. Helens: Young Earth Proof | David Rives

May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted and the blast flattens the forest for a radius of up to 7 miles long. Some trees were sheared off and landed in Spirit Lake. When these trees became waterlogged they sank upright into mud and debris. This is exactly what we are told takes millions of years … Read More

James Hutton – The Evolution of Evolution | David Rives

James Hutton was a Scottish geologist, physician, chemical manufacturer, naturalist, and experimental agriculturist. He’s considered the Founder of Modern Geology. It appears that he was a deist, but it’s also possible that he entertained the notion of atheism. He believed, at best, that God was distant from earth and did not intervene in creation. Before … Read More

“Creation in the 21st Century” episode: “The Grand Canyon: The Missing Mile” with guest Russ Miller of “Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries”

DID YOU KNOW? There is a mile of geologic strata that is missing above the current rim level of Grand Canyon. Join David Rives (host) on this week’s episode of Creation in the 21st Century, as he welcomes Russ Miller of “Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries” to talk about an event that has been dubbed … Read More