The Leonid Meteor Shower 2012

The Leonid Meteor Shower will be taking place on Saturday, November 17th. The Leonid’s are in the year’s top ten showers, and may produce approximately a dozen per hour. Click on the video link below to learn more about the upcoming meteor shower and please share it with friends and family members. Happy viewing!

David Rives on GLC!

We would like to thank everyone who watched David’s television program on GLC and for helping us spread the word. We have had great response from the show. During the show, David shared important information relating to the foundation of our Faith and the Creation account as found in the Biblical book of Genesis. He … Read More

We are making a difference!

Hello everyone, David Rives here. A lot of encouraging opportunities have been arising in the last month. Our new DVD “In The Beginning” and weekly videos are reaching so many people… and we must be making an impact, evident from this message addressed to me by a member of the American Atheists: “…Of course the … Read More

Two Awesome Meetings

David returned last week from two special meetings. One in Camas Washington and the other in Glen Rose Texas. At both locations, he spoke on Creation/Evolution and also led worship.   If you are interested in having David come and speak in your area, please visit our website at: for more information.

Special Upcoming Meetings!

David will be speaking and singing songs from his praise and worship album at: Heritage House Ministries in Camas Washington on October 1-3 He will also be speaking and leading worship at: Tres Rios River Ranch in Glen Rose Texas on Thursday night October 4th For more info about these exciting events please visit our … Read More

Desordenada y Vacía

Desordenada y Vacía En lo que respecta a Génesis 1:2, algunos evolucionistas teístas estado que la frase “la tierra estaba desordenada y vacía” se refiere a un montón de ruinas, caótico, formado hace edades atrás. La base de este punto de vista se basa en dos palabras, “Tohu” y “Bohu”, las palabras traducidas como “desordenada” … Read More

Falling Stars – David Rives

Oftentimes only obscure astronomical events are brought to the attention of the general public, while many other breathtaking phenomena are overlooked. Many of these rare occurrences can only be observed by individuals with extremely advanced technology, such as the telescopes and optics that I often employ. Let’s take a closer look at an occurrence that … Read More

Supervivencia del más Adaptado

Miramos a nuestro alrededor y ver una gran diversidad en la vida. Algunos nos dicen que lo que vemos es todo parte de un proceso evolutivo en el que las formas de vida microscópicas se convirtió en la especiación más nuevo y mejor… Un supervivencia del más adaptado a través de millones y millones de … Read More

Creación Espontánea

La evolución cósmica nos dice que alrededor de 14 billones de años una explosión masiva que tuvo lugar envió la materia y la energía tambaleándose hacia el exterior. Este punto de vista comúnmente aceptado de la creación del universo se enseña en las escuelas y universidades alrededor del mundo. Sin embargo, la doctrina religiosa del … Read More

Second Full Moon in August

Get ready to see the second full moon in the month of August Friday night August 31st. This occurence known as a “Blue Moon” happens when there are two full moons in one month according to the Gregorian Calendar. This will not happen again until 2015.


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For ONE WEEK those who purchase our latest DVD Documentary: “In The Beginning – Creation According to Genesis” will also receive a FREE copy of David’s inspirational, praise and worship Music CD: Forever “LIKE” us on Facebook to stay informed of exciting updates.

Sunspots – David Rives

There are countless stars in our galaxy, and in the distant Universe. Many are larger and more massive than our home star, the Sun. Given its close proximity to Earth, our Sun offers many breathtaking phenomena that are easily visible with basic astronomical equipment. Let’s take a closer look at one of those phenomena known … Read More

“FGS” Delivered to NASA

Fine Guidance Sensor The ‘Fine Guidance Sensor’ has been delivered to NASA to be installed on the James Webb Telescope. This instrument will allow the scope to pointly more directly at any given object.

David Rives Ministries Star Party

Here in Tennessee, we hosted a David Rives Ministries star party this past weekend. With our observatory telescopes, we viewed the Eagle Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, the Great Hercules Cluster and more. The Perseid Meteor Shower was also happening that night and all of our guests enjoyed spotting falling stars till late at night. “LIKE” us … Read More

Most Spectacular Moon

If you like observing the moon through a telescope or binoculars, now is the best time to see many of the massive craters that have marred the face of Earth’s closest companion.

DVD Documentary Feedback

Have you watched our new DVD “In the Beginning” yet? If you have gotten your copy, drop us a line, and let us know what you think… your feedback is important. Join us on July 27th at ‘The Olive Branch’ in Huntsville Alabama. David will be speaking on creation, and sharing worship songs. 7:00 P.M. … Read More