A matter of time by Garrett Haley

As I mentioned in last month’s blog post,  I decided this year to read several books written by evolutionists. Although I had seen again and again how creationists describe evolution, I wanted to see how evolutionists describe the theory themselves. What evidence and… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE ON THE CREATION CLUB WEBSITE

The Meaning of Fossils by Jay Hall

Would anyone have doubted the reality of the Flood fifty years after it happened?  How about 500 years after the Flood?  In Post-Babel times certain people groups lost the memory of the Global Flood, yet the rocks cry out and point to the Deluge.  Neanderthals put fossils in their graves; could this be because they … Read More

Our Amazing Moon IV: Lunar Mass & Tidal Regulation by Dr. Jack Burton

In this fourth article on Our Amazing Moon we will examine how the moon’s orbital path both creates and regulates earth’s tides like clockwork several times daily. Our primary tidal motion is due to two major forces acting upon our planet – gravity and inertia. While the first acts to… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING … Read More

Dimetrodon Drama by Sara Mikkelson

New discoveries and breakthroughs in science can be very exciting – whether it’s the latest modern development in technology or the most recent finds of ancient remains in archaeology and paleontology. But sometimes fascinating new discoveries can be made by re-investigating things that have been known about for quite some time. Such is the case … Read More

Genius, Harvard and Darwin Doubters by Jay Hall

Chris Langan says his IQ is “somewhere between 190 and 210,” so he’s a genius. He made a perfect score on the SAT exam. Chris competed on the game show “One Versus One Hundred” hosted by Bob Saget and won $250,000. Langan had this to say about evolution, “The fact that a principle of indifference … Read More

Doubt the Bible? You Might be a Conspiracy Theorist by Duane Caldwell

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy does an amusing routine you’ve probably heard at least pieces of.  He points out a situation that only an “unsophisticated” person would think is normal, and suggests if you do such things,  “you might be a Redneck.” I say “unsophisticated person” because Foxworthy defines those he references – Rednecks – as someone … Read More

History-Important? by Garrett Haley

When I was in grade school, I enjoyed studying history. It was my favorite subject. The sudden destruction of Pompeii, the audacious voyages of the Pilgrims, the epic battles of World War II, the accidental discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls-riveting! While studying history and reading all about noteworthy events that shaped the world in … Read More

Is the Retro view of Genesis Right? by Jay Hall

How it is possible for death to exist prior to the Fall (Gen. 3)? In a book published in 2009 we find the view that the death, destruction and disease seen in the fossil record are the retroactive punishment of the sin of Adam. Terry Mortenson has provided an excellent response to this strange interpretation. … Read More

Sticky Situations by Sara J. Mikkelson

Carefully and proudly, I opened the black case, lined with dark blue velvet, and gently removed a long, slender violin bow. Excitement, nervousness, and anticipation filled the room –  as a high schooler, I loved preforming in orchestra concerts. After tightening the knob, I gently ran the hairs of the bow along a shiny block … Read More

The Moral Argument – Revealer of Hypocrites by Duane Caldwell

In the book of Daniel, we find one of the less frequently referenced titles of God. It’s just before the turn of the sixth century B.C. King Nebuchadnezzar  who will soon to besiege and capture Jerusalem, has already captured the leading families in the southern kingdom of Judah and carried away anyone with potential to … Read More

Geological Diversity – Lots of Rocks! – by David Rives

I was studying some geological formations not long ago, and started wondering why we have so many different types of rocks and soils. Surely God could have created the Earth with a few basic minerals? Why so much variety? That got me to thinking: why do I have a… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Who Worships Darwin? by Jay Hall

Some atheists treat Darwin as an infallible god.  Evolutionists often regard Darwin as little short of deity.  Was Darwin there at the beginning (cf. Job 38:4)?  Did he witness the six days of Creation Week? Evolution even has a creed: “Evolution is a fact, but we don’t… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Butterflies – Creation Clues for Kids Vol 5 No 3 by Sara Mikkelson

Do you ever like to catch bugs, butterflies, or other little creatures outside? Sometimes, you can catch bugs and watch them live in a jar for a while.  Some of the most exciting bugs I remember chasing around the back yard were butterflies.  There was something mysterious and… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING


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