Changing The Narrative with David Rives (PODCAST)

In a world where the narrative is always skewed toward atheism, David Rives is Changing the Narrative. Sharing biblical truth, scientific discoveries, and using media to declare God’s glory. Join TV personality, researcher, and speaker, David Rives as he explores wonders that point us directly to our Creator, the God of the Bible. Whether you … Read More

God’s Living Treasures | Amazing Animals of Alaska Volume 1 DVD

Come join Dr. Jobe Martin and his friends as they reveal the wonders of God’s Amazing Alaskan treasures in God’s Living Treasures – Animals of Alaska DVD. Did you know: The Moose is the second most dangerous animal worldwide The Fox uses Earth’s magnetic field for direction The Wolf can survive in -40 degree temperatures … Read More

DNA Battles: Were Adam & Eve Historical? DVD

What has recent research revealed about mitochondrial DNA? Does recent research on DNA support evolutionary predictions? In DNA Battles nine experts answer these questions and more! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS POWERFUL DVD

Scientific Evidences For Creation DVD

In this presentation, Frank Sherwin explores the scientific wonders and mysteries of God’s living creation. Along the way, we see exquisite design in the fruit fly, the planthopper nymph, the human brain, and DNA. In each example, we find that God’s power is clearly seen. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS INFORMATIVE DVD

One Blood for Kids – What The Bible Says About Race Book

Using full-color illustrations, this book brings a uniquely biblical and easy-to-understand perspective to the cultural issue of racism. Sweeping aside popular talking points, this book gets to the real heart of the issue – sin.  Throughout this book, Ken Ham upends stereotypes by sweeping away the flawed science of Darwin’s worldview. CLICK HERE TO LEARN … Read More

Replacing Darwin’s Sacred Imposter DVD

Dr. Randy Guliuzza shows how this mainstream model fails in light of new scientific research. Rather than being shaped by their environment, creatures themselves sense the environment and adapt accordingly, using internal sensors and brilliant engineering principles. As a professional engineer and a medical doctor, Dr. Guliuzza demonstrates that evolution is not only biblically unacceptable, … Read More

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth – Amazon Expedition Book

Amazon Expedition documents the actual journey, study, and validation of an ancient depiction of what appears to be a sauropod dinosaur surrounded by nine hunters. Come on an exciting adventure to the Amazon rainforest in Peru, and see new evidence that suggests dinosaurs have lived recently. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS EXPLORATORY BOOK

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth – Flood Fossils Book

If dinosaurs lived alongside people as the Bible indicates, then surely somewhere on planet earth the evidence of such an extraordinary coexistence would be found. Dire Dragons provides revolutionary and profound evidence from ancient artwork that there is a real, powerful, documentable, and defensible connection between the dragons of ancient times and the dinosaurs we … Read More

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth – Monumental Monsters Book

Delve into the mystery surrounding fossils of gigantic creatures that have been unearthed all over this planet. Though these creatures looked similar to their living counterparts, there was one major difference. They were enormous by comparison. Monumental Monsters will take you on a journey to a fascinating world filled with curiosity and wonder. These monumental … Read More

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth – Dire Dragons Book

If dinosaurs lived alongside people as the Bible indicates, then surely somewhere on planet earth the evidence of such an extraordinary coexistence would be found. Dire Dragons provides revolutionary and profound evidence from ancient artwork that there is a real, powerful, documentable, and defensible connection between the dragons of ancient times and the dinosaurs we … Read More

Science For Kids 3 Book Pack

Dinosaurs: God’s Mysterious Creatures What were dinosaurs? When did they live? Why don’t we see them stomping around today? Dinosaurs: God’s Mysterious Creatures answers these fascinating questions and more! Space: God’s Majestic Handiwork Did the universe begin with a Big Bang or God’s creative design? How did we get to the moon? Where are we … Read More


Join David Rives and Dr. Joe Deweese as they explore the design and complexity of DNA in this groundbreaking 3 DVD series. DNA is sophisticated. That means that there’s more opportunity for something to go wrong! If your DNA was all knotted up, then you’d be in trouble, but a little enzyme known as Topoisomerase … Read More


In this DVD Bundle explore common Earth dating methods and learn powerful ‘sound bytes’ that can be used to spark “Creation” conversations with friends! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THIS INTRIGUING 4 DVD SERIES

Alien Intrusion Book and DVD Pack

Millions of people have seen UFOs and many even recall personal encounters with strange entities. The popular view is that these are advanced aliens visiting us from far away, but this compelling book and DVD set takes a deeper look at the events, the beliefs, the experts and the people who have shaped our views … Read More

The Ancient Man Book and DVD Combo

In this package, The Ancient Man Book and DVD Combo, you will receive 1 copy of Secrets of the Ancients DVD and 1 copy of The Puzzle of Ancient Man Book. What can ancient technology tell us about the creation vs. evolution debate and is the U.S. doomed to the same fate as past civilizations? … Read More

Life Before Birth – A Christian Family Book by Gary Parker

Life is special…This is a book for Christian families and others who teach the dignity of Life Before Birth to this and future generations. Dr. Parker and his wife, Mary, explain the Biblical view of life before birth. Such topics as abortion and birth defects are covered in a special way. In an age-appropriate manner, this book … Read More

Conversation Starters DVD with David Rives and Dr. Mike Houts

What can we learn by studying God’s Word and how can we use conversation-starters when witnessing to non-Christians? In this DVD, Conversation Starters, you will get powerful apologetics tools that YOU can use, regardless of your skill or comfort level. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND WATCH THE TRAILER FOR THIS NEW DVD FROM THE … Read More

The Physics of Einstein Book

Does light from distant galaxies really take billions of years to reach Earth? Is time-travel possible? Are black holes real? What are some of the weird effects of traveling at near the speed of light? And how do we really know? The physics discovered by Albert Einstein allows us to answer all of these questions. … Read More

Did God Use Evolution? Book by Werner Gitt

Did God Use Evolution? – Observations from a Scientist of Faith Drawing from a variety of topics – biology, biblical chronology, and the origin of human language – and showing their relation to one another in solving this question, author Werner Gitt reveals that evolution is not only bad science, it also violates Scripture. Written for … Read More

Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant Book by Ken Ham

        Hit the Mark with a Gospel Reset! This book will help you understand how to effectively reach the lost with a message of salvation that actually makes sense. In this easy-to-read book, Ken Ham gives us a primer in Creation science evangelism using two very different sermons from the book of Acts … Read More

Many Infallible Proofs – Evidences for the Christian Faith Book

Christians today – especially in America – are woefully ignorant about the Bible, and what impact it can have on a world of darkness. Many Infallible Proofs: Evidences for the Christian Faith will strengthen Christians on many important topics. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THIS BOOK

Earth’s Mysterious Magnetism Book by Dr. Russell Humphreys

In Earth’s Mysterious Magnetism, Dr. Humphreys explains how the magnetic fields are generated in Earth and other planets. The creationist model explains why magnetic fields exist in slowly rotating planets like Mercury, which was a surprise to evolutionists. The Humphreys model also successfully predicted the fields of Uranus and Neptune, before they were confirmed by … Read More


Get 7 of Mike Snavely’s DVD presentations. Includes Lost Secrets of Ancient Civilizations, The Hunters and The Hunted, Aunt Lucy?, The Pillars of Evolution, The Mystery of Dinosaurs, The Horror of The Flood, and The Return to Genesis. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THIS INCREDIBLE DVD SERIES

Unlocking The Mysteries of Genesis – The Incredible 12 DVD Series

Note from David Rives: “I believe this may be the best DVD series of its kind that has ever been produced. I would highly recommend it, and love how every topic is brought down to layman’s terms, easily understandable!” Perfect for Sunday and evening classes and small groups, each 22-minute episode takes viewers of all … Read More

Refracted Glory – Marvels In Every Way DVD

Watch amazing slow-motion footage of awe-inspiring hummingbirds, filmed exclusively for this documentary. Explore the physics of hovering flight alongside scientists, pilots and engineers. Learn about hummingbird biology. David Rives navigates multiple areas of inquiry through captivating interviews with leading experts. Learn about helicopters from pilot Brandon Hummingbird, and understand hummingbird flight with the help of … Read More