The Geology Book by Dr. John D. Morris

Rocks firmly anchored to the ground and rocks floating through space fascinate us. Jewelry, houses, and roads are just some of the ways we use what has been made from geologic processes to advance civilization. Whether scrambling over a rocky beach, or gazing at spectacular meteor showers, we can’t get enough of geology! CLICK HERE … Read More

Exploring The World of Astronomy Book by John Hudson Tiner

          Think you know all there is to know about our solar system? You might be surprised at some of the amazing details that you find when you begin Exploring the World of Astronomy! Discover how to find constellations like the Royal Family group or those near Orion the Hunter from … Read More

The Bible Superpack

“The Bible Super Pack” is a must have for anyone wanting to learn more about the history and accuracy of the world’s best selling book – The Bible. Join David Rives and Bible historian Rusty Maisel as they look at priceless Biblical manuscripts and reveal remarkable stories of the brave men and women who gave their … Read More

How Do We Know The Bible is True? 4 DVD Series

Basic Christian beliefs explained! How Do We Know the Bible Is True? is an essential primer of basic Christianity and apologetics that every believer should know. A 4-part collection, it is excellent both for personal enrichment and small group studies. Each DVD features the acclaimed British theologian and Bible teacher Brian Edwards. CLICK HERE FOR … Read More

ALIEN INTRUSION Unmasking a Deception DVD

Pre-Order! Alien Intrusion Movie – as seen in theaters worldwide. This documentary seeks to solve one of the most haunting and persistent mysteries of our time by addressing UFO sightings in every country, things seen on radar, what happened at Roswell, alien abductions, government cover-ups, and even a “new” religion. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS … Read More

The Six Days of Genesis Package Book & DVD Set

Explore each day of creation in fascinating detail. This set includes The Six Days of Genesis DVD series and one of The Six Days of Genesis books by Paul Taylor. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THIS INCREDIBLE BOOK AND DVD PACKAGE  

BIBLE KNOWS BEST Book and DVD Witnessing Pack

            In, Bible Knows Best Hidden Gems of Astounding Science and Good Advice in the Scriptures, author, lecturer, and television host, David Rives takes you on a awe-inspiring journey. Discover nuggets of scientific truth that are easily found when we look closely at the words of Scripture. David also gives … Read More

The Body Codes Trilogy DVD Series

Body Codes Trilogy DVD Set – Patterns in the human body, pointing to our awesome Creator and Savior, and challenging the theories of Darwinian evolution. Click Here for more details about this powerful DVD series.

Unlocking The Mysteries of Genesis 12 DVD Series

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis is a groundbreaking 12-part DVD series that offers scientific evidence that confirms Genesis as a chronological record of God’s creation.This one-of-a-kind, spectacular video set (with study guide) supports a Biblical worldview with empirical scientific evidence and offers defensible answers to some of the most provocative and controversial questions of faith … Read More

If Animals Could Talk Book by Werner Gitt

If animals could tell us about themselves, using our scientific knowledge, if they could tell us about the way they live, the special way they are made and many details about their individual design – what they would say would be unique praise to the Creator. * Did you know that while in flight, the … Read More

Uncovering The Truth About Dinosaurs 4 DVD Series

Uncovering the Truth About Dinosaurs offers compelling evidence about these mysterious creatures that confirms the biblical account of Genesis. Witness the awesome work of the Creator and see how the Bible gets it right, in all matters, including dinosaurs. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS DVD SERIES

The WHO of Creation ANSWERED Book by Dr. Kevin Anderson

Where did I come from? Who am I? Why is there evil? What is the meaning of life? Find the answers in The WHO of Creation Answered book. Many people struggle with these questions because they do not know the who of creation. They may vaguely acknowledge that God created, but are far too influenced … Read More

Buddy Davis’ Cool Critters Of The Ice Age Book

Meet 17 strange and unusual animals: The size of a car! Antlers over 12 feet long! “Monster-sized” in North and South America! There is a lot to learn about life during the great Ice Age. Was the ice everywhere? How did these animals live? With interesting facts about glaciers, land bridges, these animals and more- … Read More

Beauty and Mathematics In Nature DVD

              Why are certain things pleasing to the eye? What patterns do we find in the subject mathematics? Does everything point back to a Designer? Science, mathematics, and beauty! How do these three connect? Why would something entirely abstract ever be found in nature? Join David Rives and Professor … Read More

Testing Evolution: EXPOSING FLAWS DVD

In this DVD, Dr. Kevin Anderson addresses several flaws of evolutionary thinking currently existing in the scientific community today. Evolutionary ideas have changed a great deal in the last few years. It was once thought that human DNA is primary junk. For many years “Mitochondrial Eve” was presented as compelling evidence for naturalistic evolution. In … Read More

Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures I DIG DINOSAURS DVD

                This real-life dinosaur researcher inspires kids with his solid creation teaching and infectious passion for the gospel. Buddy discovers a big dinosaur bone, and in the process shows the effects of Noah’s Flood on the Montana landscape. Your kids will see a remote part of the USA … Read More

The Created Cosmos – What The Bible Reveals About Astronomy Book by Dr. Danny Faulkner

The Created Cosmos is an intensely detailed examination of the scriptural outlook on the cosmos, constructing an integrated understanding of what the Bible plainly teaches about astronomy, and answering complex questions about astronomy from the standpoint of a biblical worldview. This text investigates what the Bible has to say about astronomical objects and phenomena. The … Read More

The Genetics of Adam and Eve DVD

One of the biggest debates in evangelical Christianity today is whether Adam and Eve were real people. Sadly, many theologians and scientists say that genetics has dis-proven the existence of an original couple specially created by God. As a consequence, many have begun to redefine sin and salvation. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth Monumental Monsters Book

In, Untold Secrets of Planet Earth Monumental Monsters, Delve into the mystery surrounding fossils of gigantic creatures unearthed all over this planet. Monumental Monsters will take you on a journey to a fascinating world filled with curiosity and wonder. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

The Answers Book For Kids, Vol. 1-6 Complete Set

              A fun and informative Kid’s Answers Book series covers common questions in a way children understand. Kids are never short of questions-and now there are answers to some of their most difficult ones regarding the Bible and creation! But they also present a wonderful opportunity to share important … Read More

THE CRIMSON WORM – A Pattern of God’s Plan for Redemption DVD

What does a little worm have to do with Jesus, Calvary, and God’s plan for Salvation? There is a little creature that attaches itself to a tree and gives its’ life so that its’ children can live. The blood-red coloring that is produced from this creature was more than likely utilized in the coverings of … Read More

The Incredible Human Ear – A Masterpiece of God DVD

In, The Incredible Human Ear – A Masterpiece of God, you’ll learn that, just as an orchestra, the entire ear is needed to function correctly. The Book of Proverbs says that God made the hearing ear and the seeing eye. So, what about the ear? In this DVD, “The Incredible Human Ear – A Masterpiece … Read More

Is Genesis History? Documentary DVD

Is Genesis History? Documentary If you enjoyed IS GENESIS HISTORY? in the theaters, be the first to receive a DVD when they ship next month. Along with the film, you’ll get three in-depth bonus features of never-before-seen footage with new scientists. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

In The Beginning DVD

  BRAND NEW FROM DAVID RIVES MINISTRIES!!! “IN THE BEGINNING – CREATION ACCORDING TO GENESIS” DVD VIDEO   “In The Beginning – Creation According to Genesis” was recently accepted as a semi-finalist in the “San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival” – The world’s largest Christian film festival! Filmed in High Definition, this concise and to-the-point … Read More

Special Offer: Globe by renowned sculptor

  We would like to take this opportunity to thank friends and supporters of David Rives Ministries and the ongoing efforts to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. Over the past 5 years, we have literally been able to reach a worldwide audience with the message of Creation and Biblical astronomy. Each of you has … Read More