Go With Me To South Africa in 2021?

Hello friends, We are praying that all of our ministry friends are staying healthy out there. If you need prayer, call 931-212-7990. Our “Heavens Declare” video this week looks at some of the beautiful Zebras that I encountered in Africa. I believe that in a few months, we will all be desperate to get out … Read More

The Horse Tiger

The Horse Tiger? | David Rives

The ancient Romans used these ‘horse tigers’ to pull their chariots. Are Zebras white on black, or black on white? Watch this exciting on location video with David Rives in South Africa to learn more!

The Lion: King Of The Jungle – David Rives

The male lion proudly bears the name “king of the jungle.” But, while they are apex predators and deserve the title “king,” most lions don’t live in the jungle. Instead, they live and hunt on the sub-Saharan savannahs in Africa. But, like so many of the animals we automatically associate with Africa, there is a … Read More