Genetic Entropy Debunks Human Evolution -by David rives

Genetic entropy debunks human evolution. Each generation carries all the mutations of previous generations, plus its own new mutations. With the high mutation rate, genetic entropy is increasing quickly. It’s increasing so fast there’s no way humans have been on the planet for millions of years, like evolution suggests.

The Abundant Witness of coal -by David Rives

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE BI-MONTHLY CREATION CLUB MAGAZINE Let’s talk about energy conservation and fossil fuel resources for a minute. In the video below I was standing in a coal seam in Eastern Tennessee, which means I was standing in the middle of thousands of plants that were buried, compressed, and … Read More


Vulture Bees Evolved or Adapted to Eat Meat? -by David Rives

According to secularists, these bees have evolved to get their protein only from dead meat. We know that God created these bees to do what they do. From the beginning, He gave them the information needed to feast on carrion. While the bees adapted to eat dead flesh after the fall in the garden, this isn’t due to evolving over 80 million years as suggested by secularists. Without God’s environmental clean-up system, the world would be full of decaying plants and animals, which would lead to more disease. It’s a good reminder to be thankful for the system God has put in place to help keep the world clean.

Digging Up Bones In Kansas

There is still space to join David on the dig this September. Click here to view the brochure Each year, I lead a paleontological dig in western Kansas at a site classified as part of the Niobrara Formation. The first time that I was in this area I did not expect to find that as … Read More

Atheists Love Science, Or Do They? – David Rives

Click here to sign up for our FREE bi-monthly publication The Creation Club magazine “SCIENCE IS REAL!” That’s what atheists claim to shut down people who say God must be Creator. Whatever sticking point of impossibility they run up against—such as Spontaneous Generation—they will assure us that it’s only a matter of time before “science” … Read More

Origin of the Cosmos David Rives

The Origin of the Cosmos | david Rives

Click here to sign up for our FREE bi-monthly publication The Creation Club magazine Good scientific theories make many specific accurate predictions, and the data should be observable and repeatable. That does not describe the common atheistic view of the origin of the universe. In fact, far from it. The big bang theory has, in … Read More

American Bison in Kansas, up close, behavior, and nutrition

On my way back from leading my annual Paleontology dig in Kansas, I stopped to talk with some friends and got to interact up close with hundreds of American Bison, also called the “buffalo” in olden days. ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT! There are only 2 days left to make your 2020 end-of-year tax deductible donation … Read More

David Rives and Dr. Henry Morris III

Announcing the passing of Dr. Henry Morris III

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Dr. Henry Morris III, the former president of Institute for Creation Research in Dallas TX. After a brief battle with Covid, Dr. Morris passed on December 12, 2020.Instead of going through the long list of accolades and his accomplishments (which would take dozens … Read More

The Planet Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction, Dec 21 2020

Get ready to see two bright planets nearly mesh as one light. On Dec 21, 2020 (which is the winter solstice, by the way), there will be a great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. It happens only once every 20 years, but many times occurs too close to the Sun for us to observe. It … Read More