Você ACREDITA em Evolução? – David Rives

Tanto criacionistas quanto evolucionistas acreditam em coisas que não podem ser observadas e devem ser tomadas pela fé. Os criacionistas bíblicos acreditam que, no princípio, o Deus da Bíblia criou os céus e a Terra. Cremos que Deus criou o homem totalmente diferente dos animais e que nos foi dado o domínio sobre eles. A … Read More

Is Evolution Science…Or Religion? – David Rives

Merriam Webster defines religion as: “A cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith” Evolutionists BELIEVE many things… They believe that there was a non-guided Big Bang 14 billion years ago. They believe that this proposed event caused the formation of all of the stars and planets. They believe that humans … Read More

Una montaña de hielo ardiente: El cometa ISON (C/2012 S1)

Los cometas son cosas asombrosas para la vista. Una bola de polvo y hielo a pocos kilómetros todo suena muy espectacular. Pero la pareja que con los efectos de la radiación del Sol y tiene una combinación dinamita. Como sublima hielo de un cometa, la cola puede extenderse por cien millones de kilómetros, y las … Read More

“La Nube Fantasma” ¡Nuevo nombre de la “Nube de Oort”!

Cada vez que un nuevo cometa se descubrió que antes era indocumentado, se afirma que el cometa se originó en la Nube de Oort. Artículos, revistas e informes científicos comienzan afirmando que el cometa deja esta propuesta decenas nube de miles de años atrás, y apenas está a nuestro sistema solar. Pero, ¿qué es la … Read More

Es Evolución ciencia o religión?

Merriam Webster define la religión como: “A causa, principio o sistema de creencias que se sostienen con el ardor y la fe” Los evolucionistas creen muchas cosas… Ellos creen que hubo un Big Bang no guiadas hace 14 millones de años. Ellos creen que este evento propuesto causó la formación de todas las estrellas y … Read More

Todos los ojos en ISON (El cometa más famoso de 2013)

En septiembre de 2012, dos astrónomos rusos descubrieron un objeto, nunca antes vista, moviéndose contra el fondo de estrellas. En los próximos días, este objeto se propuso ser un cometa, dirigiéndose más cerca del sol. Este fue el comienzo de nuestro conocimiento sobre el cometa ISON, y desde entonces, hemos sido capaces de determinar la … Read More

¿Usted cree en la evolución?

Tanto los creacionistas y evolucionistas tienen un conjunto de creencias que no son observables y deben ser tomadas por la fe. Creacionistas bíblicos creen que en el principio, el Dios de la Biblia creó el cielo y la Tierra. Creemos que Dios creó al hombre claramente diferente de los animales, y que nos dieron mandará … Read More

Leonid Meteor Shower 2013

Get ready for this year’s Leonid meteor shower! The shower can be seen on the nights of November 16th and 17th. Unfortunately the full Moon will keep us from seeing anything but the brightest meteors this year, but go on out and see if you can spot a few! ——————————————- DID YOU KNOW? November is … Read More

We would like to thank Pastor Johnny Minick and River of Life Church in Smyrna, TN for allowing David to present to their youth class last night! David will be presenting to the church’s main assembly on Sunday, November 17th @ 6:00 PM. Bring a friend and come prepared to have an awesome time of … Read More

All Eyes On ISON: The Comet of Fall, 2013 – David Rives

In September of 2012, two Russian Astronomers discovered an object, previously unseen, moving against the background of stars. Over the next few days, this object was proposed to be a comet, heading closer to the Sun. This was the beginning of our knowledge regarding the comet ISON, and since that time, we have been able … Read More

Jupiter in November!

Are you ready for some amazing views of the planet Jupiter? Four of Jupiter’s largest moons, Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, should be visible as well. Pull out your telescope or a good pair of binoculars and check out this awesome ‘gas giant’!

Do You BELIEVE In Evolution? – David Rives

Both creationists and evolutionists have a set of beliefs that are unobservable and must be taken by faith. Biblical creationists believe that in the beginning, the God of the Bible created the heaven and Earth. We believe that God created man distinctly different than the animals, and that we were given charge over the animals. … Read More

‘Messier’ Objects in October!

Messier 8, 16, 17, 20, 27 and 57 could all be seen at some point during the month of October. Did you see any of these magnificent creations? Comment on our Facebook page and tell us what you saw!

News Update 11/02/13

WOW! What an amazing and blessed time of fellowship we had in Glen Rose last week. So many like-minded believers, who truly have a heart for our Creator and Savior. It was such a blessing to spend time with such sweet people and to meet many new friends as well! ————————————————————– Get ready for several … Read More

“Better To Ignore Nature Than Deny Its Author” – David Rives

“I, that had much rather have men not philosophers than not Christians, should be better content to see you ignore the mysteries of nature, than deny the author of it.” These evocative words of advice were given in the middle of the 17th century by the well-known physicist Robert Boyle. Through scientific experimentation, Boyle was … Read More

Uranus in October

During October, we find the faint planet Uranus lying within the constellation known as “Pisces” Check it out with a good pair of binoculars, or if you have a scope, pull it out to get some views of the 7th planet from our Sun – Uranus! Happy Stargazing!

Hummingbird Documentary Project

Hello friends, I wanted to let you all know about a project that we have recently taken on. Not long ago, I was asked to be involved in a new documentary from Border Watch Films on the little wonders of the sky: Hummingbirds. I’ve accepted the position as narrator / host, and over the past … Read More

Exciting News about C21C

Dear friends, This past Wednesday afternoon, I received some very exciting news! The beginning episodes of “Creation in the 21st Century” have been submitted to the main studios for final approval and air-date selection. Halleluiah! Last minute details are being taken care of, to ensure the programs are set to reach a global audience with … Read More

Jupiter in October

As we enter the month of October, get ready for Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System, to make its 2013 debut appearance. If you want to check out some of the planets moons, use a decent sized scope to see Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, orbiting the gas giant!