Tem Astrologia na Bíblia?

O relato de Gênesis nos diz que as luzes do céu foram designadas para sinais, não para serem confundidas com a astrologia pagã condenada pela Bíblia. Será que as constelações, hoje apresentadas como símbolos mitológicos, originalmente tinham um significado mais puro, mais bíblico? No livro de Jó, Deus pergunta: “Ou poderás tu atar as cadeias … Read More

Astronomy vs. Astrology | David Rives

When I give presentations on the beauty of God’s creation, and how the heavens declare the glory of God, there are often those who will mistakenly reference what I present as astrology. I quickly correct them, pointing out that the field of science being discussed is called ASTRONOMY. The two terms do sound remarkably similar … Read More

Você ACREDITA em Evolução? – David Rives

Tanto criacionistas quanto evolucionistas acreditam em coisas que não podem ser observadas e devem ser tomadas pela fé. Os criacionistas bíblicos acreditam que, no princípio, o Deus da Bíblia criou os céus e a Terra. Cremos que Deus criou o homem totalmente diferente dos animais e que nos foi dado o domínio sobre eles. A … Read More

¿Usted cree en la evolución?

Tanto los creacionistas y evolucionistas tienen un conjunto de creencias que no son observables y deben ser tomadas por la fe. Creacionistas bíblicos creen que en el principio, el Dios de la Biblia creó el cielo y la Tierra. Creemos que Dios creó al hombre claramente diferente de los animales, y que nos dieron mandará … Read More

Do You BELIEVE In Evolution? – David Rives

Both creationists and evolutionists have a set of beliefs that are unobservable and must be taken by faith. Biblical creationists believe that in the beginning, the God of the Bible created the heaven and Earth. We believe that God created man distinctly different than the animals, and that we were given charge over the animals. … Read More

No Princípio — A Criação de Acordo com Gênesis

A Bíblia Sagrada contém o registro histórico do mundo desde o momento da criação. Além disso, ela também contém diretrizes proféticas quanto aos acontecimentos futuros e o destino da humanidade. Tal registro começa no livro de Gênesis, que em grego significa “origens”. No original hebraico, é conhecido como “B’reshit” — princípio — e, logo na … Read More

A Leap of Faith – David Rives

Human life is an amazing thing. Not only are we complex in design, but we have the ability and innate curiosity to ponder our own complexity. From this curiosity, some would conclude that they are an anomaly of nature, just the survival of the fittest in a chain of animal development, while others conclude they … Read More

En El Principio – La Creación Según Génesis

La Santa Biblia contiene un registro histórico de todo el mundo desde el momento de la creación. Además, contiene una guía profética en cuanto a eventos futuros, y el destino de la humanidad. Ese registro se inicia en el libro de Génesis que en el idioma griego significa “Orígenes”. En su original en hebreo se … Read More

Speaking Information

Facebook Instagram Youtube Call: 931-212-7990  |  Email: info@davidrivesministries.org Learn more about David’s Presentations Thank you for your interest in having David Rives to your area. If you want to learn more about the ministry, click ABOUT US. David is a powerful and dynamic public speaker whose presentations are extremely visual, including interactive audience participation, live … Read More

Haeckel’s Science was Green Around the Gills – David Rives

– In an effort to demonstrate human evolution, paleontologist Richard Swann Lull included Dr. Ernst Haeckel’s depiction of the progressive states of vertebrate development in his book. Dr. Haeckel was an early convert to Darwinism. Noticed in his illustrations, in the first stages of all embryonic development are indications of gill slits… even in humans. … Read More

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Was Darwin “Founded”?

– If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Even the famous evolutionist Charles Darwin acknowledged a Creator in the closing comments of his book “On The Origin of Species.” He says: “There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed by the Creator into a … Read More

Why Young Earth?

– Many people don’t understand the importance of believing in a literal 6 day creation. Most Hebrew scholars agree that the wording used in the Creation account indicates literal 24 hour days. An old Earth view gives rise to many ungodly theories such as death before sin, human-primate origins, a chance cosmos, and other speculative … Read More

Is Astrology in the Bible?

– The Genesis account tells us that the lights in the heavens are to be for signs, not to be confused with the astrology condemned by the Bible, as pagan in nature. Did the constellations that are now presented as mythological objects originally have a purer, Biblical meaning? In the book of Job, God asks: … Read More