El Firmante y el Diseñador

Hay muchos que no aceptan a Yeshúa, a Jesucristo como su Salvador, o creer en la existencia de Dios. Algunos son ateos porque no les importa tener reglas que les impone un superior, pero algunos dé vuelta al ateísmo porque carecen de la información en cuanto a lo que el verdadero cristianismo es en realidad. … Read More

Charles Darwin: A Step Too Far – David Rives

– Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury England. At the age of 19, he entered Cambridge University where he studied to become an Anglican Clergyman. Darwin later wrote that his time at Cambridge was sadly wasted – that he was much more interested in collecting beetles than anything he had studied at Cambridge. Immediately after … Read More

Skywatch: Sombrero Galaxy Has Split Personality

Sombrero Galaxy Has Split Personality While some galaxies are rotund and others are slender disks like our spiral Milky Way, new observations from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope show that the Sombrero galaxy is both. The galaxy, which is a round elliptical galaxy with a thin disk embedded inside, is one of the first known to … Read More

Brand New Website!

Welcome to our new website design! I am excited about the new format, which allows for a lot of current articles and news, as well as a brand new design, thanks to professional graphic designers who have donated their time and effort. We are getting some wonderful comments on our WND videos: “The Theory of … Read More

Pirates of the Mediterranean – David Rives

– Around the 1st and 2nd centuries before Christ, while Rome was in a power-struggle, all of the Mediterranean had a problem. The pirates of Cilicia were rising in strength, and attacking trade ships that carried goods across the Mediterranean. The historian Plutarch describes the gravity of the situation like this: “While the Romans were … Read More

Science in Schools? – David Rives

– Around the world, most public schools are teaching the big bang theory as fact. This is not only incredibly biased and one-sided, but it is an extremely dangerous concept that leads us away from the truth regarding our Creator. It leads us away from the truths of Scripture and the Torah, the first books … Read More

New Single!

David has just released his first single, “By the Blood”! This Praise and Worship song is now available on iTunes and Amazon Music. It has begun to receive air-time on Christian radio stations around the country. David Rives: “I just finished in the studio recording this new song, and I couldn’t be happier with the … Read More

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God DVD

DVD: The Heavens Declare The Glory of God This video documentary has been translated into numerous languages and broadcast around the world.   It has been featured internationally, through: WND, Faith TV, SkyAngel, PTCB, Vision Forum, Hebraic Roots Network, The Prophecy Club, TRUTH2U Radio, Messiah’s Branch, Amazing Discoveries, WATC TV, and more. David Rives delivers … Read More

APRIL is the best time

APRIL is the best time to view Saturn. If you have a telescope, check out the rings of Saturn this month

M101: The Pinwheel Galaxy- David Rives

– Perhaps one of the most recognized constellations in the night is Ursa Major, with its easy to find “Big Dipper”. Within this region of bright stars we find the spiral galaxy known as Messier 101 or the Pinwheel Galaxy. While it takes a fairly large telescope as well as dark skies to view, the … Read More

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Building Blocks of Education

– In 1915 the Bible was required reading in most public schools. Legal ordinances in Tennessee directed that 10 verses of the Bible must be read daily in schools. In 1923, two anti-evolution bills were passed, and textbooks in Oklahoma were banned for their teaching of “Materialist Conception of History (i.e.) the Darwin Theory of … Read More

Haeckel’s Science was Green Around the Gills – David Rives

– In an effort to demonstrate human evolution, paleontologist Richard Swann Lull included Dr. Ernst Haeckel’s depiction of the progressive states of vertebrate development in his book. Dr. Haeckel was an early convert to Darwinism. Noticed in his illustrations, in the first stages of all embryonic development are indications of gill slits… even in humans. … Read More

Lucy’s a Chimp – David Rives

– The world-famous “Lucy” hominid is a supposed scientific link between human and ape.  She was found under unusual circumstances in Ethiopia, Fall of 1974. An anthropologist, Donald Johanson and a student, Tom Gray were exploring alone in a gully previously searched to no avail by other workers, when they happened upon some bones and … Read More

An Ape of a Hoax – David Rives

Yale University was established in 1701 to train Christian ministers. Today, its department of religious studies offers a wide array of courses that cover the major religions of the world. By the 1920’s the teaching of evolution was the focus of the famous Yale Peabody Museum – recognized as the first natural history museum to … Read More

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Foundational Cornerstone

–   Psalms 11 warns us: “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The first verse of the Bible is the foundation upon which all other scriptures are laid: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” Yet, many do not stand on that foundation, claiming that in the beginning … Read More

DVD Broadcast

Our live broadcast on the Homeschool Channel went well, and we got a lot of response. Thanks to everyone who tuned in.

Meeting Schedule

Feb 18th, David will be speaking in Columbia TN. Check our site for details. We will be present at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention this weekend, so stay tuned for new developments.

Record Views!

Two weeks ago, David Rives Ministries set a record with our weekly video on WorldNetDaily. In just over a week, we had over ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND views. Thank you all for making this possible and for your support so that we can continue reaching so many people.

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Foundations of America

– “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The Declaration of Independence. Undoubtedly the most famous document in American history. These words from the opening statement … Read More

Happy New Year? The Sothis Connection

– Why haven’t we ever heard of Sothis? You might know it better by its Latin name, Sirius. At 8 light years away, Sirius has a magnitude of -1.4, making it the brightest appearing star in the heavens, besides our sun. The ancient Egyptians recognized that the rising of Sothis, or Sirius, just before dawn … Read More

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Foundations of Faith

– Charles Spurgeon, sometimes referred to as the “Prince of Preachers” said that one day people “will speak, amid roars of laughter, of evolution; and the day will come, when there will not be a child but will look upon it as being the most foolish notion that ever crossed the human mind.” 2255.221 He … Read More

The Hebrew Word ‘Kesiyl’ – Another Notch in Orion’s Belt

– In ancient Greek literature, Homer and Hesiod refer to Orion as an important constellation, and give us a mythological account of Orion as a great hunter, before he was immortalized as a constellation in the sky. Long before those accounts, Biblical sources offer multiple references to what is translated into English as Orion. In … Read More

The Pleiades: The Seven Sisters

– Everyone’s familiar with the Trojan horse, but you might be asking: “what does the Trojan horse have to do with astronomy”. Well, Virgil wrote of the Trojan horse and the Trojan wars and Homer did also, in 750 B.C., in the Iliad and Odyssey. Both Homer and Virgil also wrote of the Pleiades or … Read More

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Public Opinion

– If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? A Barna Group Study gives us insight into what the general public believe when it comes to religion, and it isn’t encouraging…”Among individuals who describe themselves as Christians, close to half believe that Satan does not exist, and one-third contend that Jesus sinned while … Read More

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Was Darwin “Founded”?

– If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Even the famous evolutionist Charles Darwin acknowledged a Creator in the closing comments of his book “On The Origin of Species.” He says: “There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed by the Creator into a … Read More

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Foundations of University

– If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? A very important question asked by King David in the eleventh Psalm, now more relevant than ever. Universities once proud of their stand on promoting Christian principles, are now very proud of the diversity of world religions that they tolerate and even encourage. Harvard … Read More

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Sir Isaac’s Apple

– If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Sir Isaac Newton was, and still is, a great influence in science. His legendary work on gravity, said to have been spurred by an apple falling from a tree, has become an iconic part of history. So, what was this great scientist’s foundation of … Read More

If the Foundations be Destroyed… – Foundations of Science

– If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? While the Bible plays a much less central role in science today, many of the greatest minds in science had the solid foundation of belief in a Creator. The astronomer Johannes Kepler spent most of his time in Austria, and in Prague, where he … Read More

Walking on the Moon

– On October 4, 1957, Russian scientists launched the first artificial satellite into space. This event brought on what is known as “The Space Race” when the U.S. and Russia were competing with each other in the advancement of space technology. This race cost America over 20 billion dollars and lasted until the year 1975. … Read More

Where is the Heavy Metal?

– The Big Bang is supposed to have produced the elements Hydrogen and Helium, and we are led to believe that from these two, all 118 of the elements that make up the periodic table were formed. Is that possible? Let’s take a quick look at science. Hydrogen, is one electron and one proton. Deuterium, … Read More