Dinosaur Soft Tissue | David Rives

In 2005, Dr. Mary Schweitzer shocked the scientific world when her team reported the presence of blood vessels, red blood cells, and collagen in a T-Rex femur. That’s right—soft tissue in a dinosaur bone! This T-Rex was thought to be over 65 million years old and yet it had fresh looking soft tissue inside its … Read More

Tuesday on THE CHURCH CHANNEL – South African Safari Leader and Creation Speaker Uncovers “Lost Secrets of Ancient Civilizations”

JUST AIRED ON THE CHURCH CHANNEL! David Rives and Bruce Malone discuss how we as humans are set apart from all other created beings. To learn more and to order books by Bruce Malone, call: 931-212-7990 or Click Here To Order Online Ancient Secrets DVD Trilogy DVD Set – Mike Snavely and David Rives talk … Read More

Evolution is Dead! Take that, Nietzsche!

We have never been able to create life from non-life in the lab, despite millions upon millions of tests in the most favorable conditions possible. We have never observed one basic kind of animal turn into another kind, much less a human. Animals adapt…they change… THIS is observable. But a dinosaur has never turned into … Read More