Massive asteroid to streak past Earth

On Friday, February 15th an asteroid estimated to be half the size of a football field will fly past Earth. It has been said that the encounter will be closer than that of our orbiting GPS satellites.


David Rives arrived in San Antonio, Texas this morning to attend the SAICFF – The largest Christian Film Festival in the world! Our DVD documentary: “In The Beginning – Creation According to Genesis,” which has been chosen as a semi-finalist, will be screened at the Festival twice. The Awards Ceremony will be conducted Saturday evening…We … Read More

JWST Optics Testing

Many optics tests necessary for imaging from space have been completed on the James Webb Space Telescope. The James Webb Telescope will focus on the infrared spectrum and will have the capability of producing amazing photos.

News Update: January 24th, 2013

ENCOURAGING TESTIMONIAL We are constantly receiving many encouraging comments from individuals who follow David Rives Ministries. People are also sharing these efforts with their own groups of like-minded believers. Here is a testimonial from a lady who enjoys our material…..”Love David Rives’ teaching. Our gathering has gotten quite the awakening through his revelation!” – Linda … Read More

Evolution? Have Ye Not Read? – David Rives

My message this week speaks primarily to any Christian who would agree with me that Jesus is the sinless Son of God. Some say that you can believe in God, even in the Bible, and still accept Evolution. They attempt to persuade us that at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. My … Read More


Si bien hay muchos ateos que intentarían convencerlo de que odio la ciencia, yo no estoy en contra de la ciencia. Por el contrario, en lecturas por todo el país, mi mensaje es decididamente pro-ciencia. Muchos de mis comentarios se centran en las ciencias de la cosmología, la astronomía, la geología, la arqueología o la … Read More

Making Tracks with “Curiosity”

Cameras on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have captured images of tracks the Curiosity Rover has made while exploring the terrain of the Martian planet.


David Rives Ministries is pleased to announce that our DVD Documentary “In The Beginning” is a SEMI-FINALIST in the SAICFF Film Festival! This Film Festival is a prestigious event, awarding the largest cash prize for independent films in America. Thank you to SAICFF and to all those who have supported David Rives Ministries and watched … Read More

David and Goliath – David Rives

We’ve all heard the Biblical account of David confronting the warrior Goliath in the name of the LORD. However, many are not aware that the battle took place in the Valley of Elah, in Israel, between two mountains. Remarkably, Israel had the high ground, on Tel Azeka – yet they were still intimidated by the … Read More

Dejar a la Ciencia Conformarse

Cuando se trata de la Biblia contra la evolución, ¿por qué algunos cristianos simplemente darse por vencido cuando se enfrenta con dificultad? Los evolucionistas tienen más preguntas sin respuesta que aquellos que creen en las palabras del relato de la creación. Su posición rápida en su propia religión, los evolucionistas ateos con orgullo afirmar que … Read More

Upcoming Event!

DON’T FORGET! David Rives will be speaking and will also be a worship leader at this year’s “Rivers in the Desert” Conference, in Lake City, Florida. This 4 day event is January 17-20, 2013. You may learn more by visiting our Events Page. If you have not yet been to our Facebook Page please check … Read More

The Vogue of Science – David Rives

Darwinian evolution has become the vogue for the scientific community. But peer pressure and academic acceptance maintains its status, and not science. In the Origin of Species, Darwin writes: “We have in this chapter discussed some of the difficulties and objections which may be urged against my theory. Many of them are very grave; but … Read More

El Big Bang es Ciencia… FICCIÓN

Mientras que muchos elementos de la teoría del big bang se han refinado, investigado y perfeccionado un poco más, la percepción de un ateo explosión de chance no es la única explicación para los fenómenos observados. De hecho, la propuesta de ampliación indica desplazamiento al rojo de material cósmico pudo haber sido descrito ya en … Read More

Herschel Space Observatory

In 2009, the European Space Agency launched its Herschel Space Observatory. By the end of March it will become non-functional as it will no longer have a supply of liquid Helium.

International Outreach:

Our new website design has been active for almost a year now. Over that time, we have had visits from over 70 different countries! Many times we forget that people of different languages around the world miss out on the information we publish. We are pleased to announce the release of our Spanish section of … Read More

Darwin – “The Gravest Objection” – David Rives

Charles Darwin asks an excellent question in his work ‘On the Origin of Species’: “Why (then) is not every geological formation and every stratum full of (such) intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against … Read More

Más grave objeción de Darwin

Charles Darwin hace una pregunta excelente en su obra en “El Origen de las Especies”: “¿Por qué entonces no está cada formación geológica y cada estrato lleno de esos eslabones intermedios? La geología seguramente no revela ninguna cadena orgánica finamente graduada, y esto, quizás, es la objeción más grave y clara que puede presentarse en … Read More

La Moda de la Ciencia

Evolución darwiniana se ha convertido en la moda de la comunidad científica. Sin embargo, la presión social y la aceptación académica mantiene su estatus, y no la ciencia. En el origen de las especies, Darwin escribe: “Tenemos en este capítulo discute algunas de las dificultades y objeciones que puedan presentarse contra mi teoría. Muchos de … Read More

Jupiter: The “Gas Giant”

The coming New Year will provide us with great opportunities to view the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and is also the largest in our Solar System.

Exciting Events Coming Soon:

The New Year will bring many exciting things to light at David Rives Ministries. As we speak, awesome new material is being created. Look for some very important news to be released in the coming months. Many upcoming opportunities to share the truth across the country have also presented themselves. Join David Rives January 17-20, … Read More

Compromised Creation – David Rives

Theistic evolution is presented today as a “middle ground” for Christians. Those wanting to conform to the views of evolutionary science are too quick to accept these speculative theories. Revelation speaks harshly of the lukewarm Christian, and this stance, while popular in certain circles, is what I call: Compromised Creation. In the 1700’s, David Hume … Read More

David y Goliat

Todos hemos escuchado el relato bíblico de David frente al guerrero Goliat, en el nombre del Señor. Sin embargo, muchos no son conscientes de que la batalla tuvo lugar en el valle de Ela, en Israel, entre dos montañas. Cabe destacar que Israel tenía el terreno elevado, en Azeca – sin embargo, todavía se sentían … Read More

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover has now travelled well over a quarter of a mile exploring, taking samples of the Martian surface, and sending back high quality photographs of the landscape.

Message from David Rives:

We receive many emails each week, and, although we get our share of critical comments, the positive ones make my day. It is always good to find out that we are making a difference. Each one of you play a very special part in the success that we have in telling others of the incredible … Read More

Doomsday – 12/21/2012 – David Rives – WATCH IMMEDIATELY!

On December 21st, 2012, the present cycle of the Mayan calendar will come to a close. Those searching for a doomsday scenario are quick to exaggerate the significance of this date. Those not grounded in truth may fall prey to such ideas, regardless of their baseless and mythical nature. Only a small amount of research … Read More

Día del Juicio Final, 12/21/2012

El 21 de diciembre de 2012, el actual ciclo del calendario maya llegará a su fin. Los que buscan un escenario del Día del Juicio Final se apresuran a exagerar la importancia de esta fecha. Los que no se basa en la verdad puede ser presa de ideas, sea cual fuere su naturaleza y fundamento … Read More

Encouraging News!

Encouragement: Our DVD “In the Beginning” is having a great impact on many people around the country. Here is what one supporter had to say after receiving and watching the DVD.”I just watched my new DVD (In the Beginning – Creation According to Genesis) this weekend & loved it! I can’t wait to share it … Read More

“Obscure and Foolish Allegories” – David Rives

Less than three centuries after Christ, a figurative view of creation was put down in writing, even discussed by some of the Church Fathers of the day. This introduced the opportunity for theistic evolution to take hold as a legitimate Biblical view. But a quick examination of the Biblical accounts compared to historical evidence reveals … Read More

Nighttime Views of Earth

A new NASA satellite has captured breathtaking images of planet Earth as it appears during the dark hours of the night.


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