Theistic Evolution – A False Religion

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE BI-MONTHLY CREATION CLUB MAGAZINE WHERE THIS ARTICLE WAS FEATURED Today, there is an ever increasing demand for tolerance in our churches. Many require that Biblical views be compromised in order that they might agree with what is regarded as science – compromise without regards to the cost. … Read More

Charles Messier: The Catalog of Space | DAvid Rives

Picking up an astronomy magazine, one might find a photo of the gorgeous Messier 42 or come across the spectacular Messier 13. Search the web for galaxies, and you might see Messier 101, or come across Messier 51. But what is this Messier, and what does it mean? Charles Messier was a Frenchman who lived … Read More

The Crab Nebula | David Rives

The Crab Nebula, also known as Messier 1, was the very first of 110 objects to be catalogued by the French astronomer Charles Messier. He mistook this nebula for a comet upon first observation, and thus began the famous Messier catalogue. This colorful nebula is quite bright, and fairly easy to spot using a moderately … Read More

A Star Is Born | David Rives

The common idea of stellar nurseries, claims that stars are born into existence as nebulous areas of space contract, forming a dense ball of gas. It sounds like a plausible explanation for the origin of stars in the universe. However, one big problem with this theory is that while we HAVE seen stars DESTROYED when … Read More

Exciting News about C21C

Dear friends, This past Wednesday afternoon, I received some very exciting news! The beginning episodes of “Creation in the 21st Century” have been submitted to the main studios for final approval and air-date selection. Halleluiah! Last minute details are being taken care of, to ensure the programs are set to reach a global audience with … Read More

Jupiter in October

As we enter the month of October, get ready for Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System, to make its 2013 debut appearance. If you want to check out some of the planets moons, use a decent sized scope to see Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, orbiting the gas giant!

Great Scientists: Louis Pasteur and The Germ Theory – David Rives

One example of past rejected scientific theories is that of the Miasma theory-the idea that the Black Death was caused by poisonous air. Louis Pasteur used experimentation and the scientific method to demonstrate the plausibility of a new theory-the germ theory. By suggesting that doctors start surgery with clean hands, post-surgery infections became less prevalent, … Read More

Blessed Time at NQC 2013!

David Rives returned last Thursday evening after spending a wonderful time at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. It was such a blessing to see so many amazing people in Gospel music use their talents to glorify our awesome Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. Last week we told everyone to be watching for photos … Read More

Grandes científicos: Robert Boyle contempla a Dios y la Naturaleza

El famoso químico y físico Robert Boyle dijo “que los negando la existencia de un Creador, estaríamos frente a muchas dificultades desconcertantes “… porque en vez de un solo Dios, él debe confesar un número infinito de átomos a ser eterno, existente por sí mismo, inmortal, auto-movimiento … ” En cuanto a la grandeza del … Read More

Advanced Optics: The Ultimate Necessity

Over the past weeks, we have looked at telescopes, cameras, and other equipment used for observation of the Universe. The most remarkable thing about all that we’ve learned in the Advanced Optics Series, is that none of this could be utilized or enjoyed without the human eye. Sir Isaac Newton, realizing the complexity involved, questioned: … Read More

Planetary events in September

On September 8th and 9th, look for the planets Venus and Saturn to be about 3.5 degrees distance from each other. The planet Mars will also cross over the “Beehive Cluster” on these very same dates. So pull out your equipment and have fun gazing into our Creator’s breathtaking heavens!

The Comet ISON

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for more information on the comet that is causing so much commotion. The comet ISON is approaching fast. It will reach it’s closest point to the Sun on the 28th of November. It is estimated that the comet’s visual brightness might exceed that of Venus later this year. The … Read More

Wonders Without Number – David Rives’ New Book

Our message at David Rives Ministries has always had a strong emphasis on the science of astronomy, and how the “Heavens declare the glory of God”. At the same time, however, it is easy to see how special Earth is, as the only known planet able to support human life. In contrast to what evolutionary … Read More

Óptica avanzada: Lentes Correctivos

No todos los ojos humanos están en perfectas condiciones. Hay errores de refracción y cataratas, enfermedades degenerativas y las cuestiones relacionadas con la edad. Algunos de estos problemas pueden ser en parte debido a nuestro estilo de vida. Con los casos de miopía o miopía aumenta rápidamente, no es difícil adivinar que estamos gastando mucho … Read More

Óptica Avanzada: La Necesidad último

Sobre las últimas semanas, hemos mirado a telescopios, cámaras, y otros equipos utilizados para la observación del universo. La cosa más notable acerca de todo lo que hemos aprendimos en la Serie Óptica Avanzada, es que ninguno de esto podría ser utilizada o disfrutó de y sin el ojo humano. Sir Isaac Newton, dándose cuenta … Read More

Óptica Avanzada: El arte de Astrofotografía

Astrofotografía, la fotografía de lo que está en el espacio, puede ser muy complejo, con múltiples ópticas y dispositivos. Además de eso, es un arte que requiere seguimiento, tratamiento informático, y un montón de tiempo. Aquí hay algunos problemas comunes que a menudo encuentran: Las manchas borrosas que se ven en muchas fotos con poca … Read More

Óptica Avanzada: ¿Qué es la astrofotografía?

Astrofotografía es el arte de tomar fotografías del espacio. Esto se puede lograr mediante el uso de una cámara, o una combinación de cámaras, lentes, telescopios, computadoras, guía alcances, software, soportes de seguimiento, filtros y más. En las próximas semanas, voy a cubrir algunos de los métodos más avanzados que nosotros empleamos a David Rives … Read More

Óptica Avanzada: La ventaja del telescopio

El ojo humano es un potente órgano con la capacidad de tomar millones de fotos instantáneas, y el envío de los al cerebro para ser analizados e interpretados. Todo esto ocurre en el momento de actuar o reaccionar casi instantáneamente a una situación dada. Aún así, hemos sido capaces de ir más allá de ciertas … Read More

Grandes científicos: Robert Boyle, estudiante de la Ciencia y la Biblia

Nacido en Irlanda, en 1627, Robert Boyle es considerado como el padre de la química moderna, y fue pionero en las prácticas actuales del método científico. Cuando tenía sólo 14 años, Boyle estaba estudiando con el científico Galileo envejecimiento. Robert Boyle no sólo era un estudiante de la Biblia, fue también responsable de la impresión … Read More

Messier 27 in August

Pull your telescope out before the end of August and check out M27 “The Dumbbell Nebula” in the constellation “Vulpecula” Until next week….or should we say until next month, HAPPY VIEWING!

“In The Beginning” a Semi-finalist

DID YOU KNOW? Our latest DVD: “In The Beginning – Creation According to Genesis” was a 2013 semi-finalist in the world’s largest Christian film festival! CLICK HERE TO BUY “IN THE BEGINNING” Click the link above to check out the DVD and read reviews from people who have seen it.

Advanced Optics: Space-Bound Telescopes And In-Flight Amenities

While telescopes here on earth are capable of observing the distant reaches of the Universe, we often have conditional circumstances that impair our view. Light pollution from major highways, towns, or cities is a frequent challenge. Atmospheric conditions are constant difficulties, and include not only rain and clouds, but also dust or water vapor, the … Read More

Advanced Optics: What Is Astrophotography? – David Rives

Astrophotography is the art of taking photos of space. This can be accomplished by using a camera, or a combination of cameras, lenses, telescopes, computers, guide scopes, software, tracking mounts, filters, and more. In the upcoming weeks, I will cover some of the more advanced methods that we employ at David Rives Ministries, but for … Read More

The planet Venus in August

The planet Venus will shine brightly throughout the month of August. Aim your telescope at Venus, the 2nd planet from the Sun and take a look. Until next week, Happy Viewing!

Countless Blessings in 2013!

As many of you know, David Rives Ministries has been faithfully heeding the call of our Heavenly Father, to bring the message of Creation and Biblical astronomy to a global audience. “And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God.” – … Read More

Advanced Optics: The Telescope Advantage – David Rives

The human eye is a powerful organ with the ability of taking millions of snapshots, and sending those to the brain to be analyzed and interpreted. All of this happens in time to act or react almost instantaneously to a given situation. Even still, we have been able to reach beyond certain functions of the … Read More

Perseid Meteor Shower 2013

Are you ready for this year’s Perseid Meteor Shower? We certainly are! Look for the shower to peak on the nights of August 12th and 13th. The best time to go out and look is between 10:30 PM and 4:30 AM local time to see the best show. Reports are saying that we could be … Read More

BREAKING NEWS at David Rives Ministries!

This week we have some VERY exciting news and developments that we want to share with you. After all, you, our friends and supporters are an important part of the success that we have had in spreading the Gospel and the message of Creation to a global audience. THANK YOU! Now for the news… David … Read More

Uniformitaristas: Escarnecedores?

Vamos dar uma olhada na teoria do uniformitarismo de Charles Lyell — a ideia de que “o presente é a chave para o passado”, e que, por meio de um processo lento e metódico, as leis naturais sempre trabalharam da mesma forma, resultando nas características geológicas que vemos ao nosso redor. A teoria de Lyell … Read More