Bilhões de Terras na Galáxia

Parece que toda semana os noticiários falam de um novo planeta supostamente parecido com a Terra. Alguns artigos recentes até mesmo afirmam que, somente em nossa galáxia, há bilhões de planetas semelhantes ao nosso. Mas o quanto nós realmente sabemos sobre esses outros sistemas? Um relatório recente do Centro de Astrofísica Harvard-Smithsonian revela que o … Read More

A Moda da Ciência

A evolução de Darwin virou moda na comunidade científica. No entanto, o que mantém seu status é a pressão dos colegas e a aceitação acadêmica, não a ciência. No livro A Origem das Espécies, Darwin escreve: “Discutimos neste capítulo algumas das dificuldades e objeções que podem ser levantadas contra minha teoria. Muitas delas são bastante … Read More

A Astrologia e o Culto a Mitra

Os rituais secretos do mitraísmo eram praticados por muitas pessoas no mundo Romano. A religião foi difundida no Mediterrâneo pelos piratas cilícios, e seus templos foram incorporados às cidades romanas. Em 2007, tive a oportunidade de fotografar uma representação incrivelmente bem preservada do deus misterioso, exposta no Museu do Vaticano, em Roma. Uma análise da … Read More

The Creator and the Gospel – David Rives

Over the past six years, we at David Rives Ministries have seen others learn and grow in the truths of the Bible, but also, we have grown–and expanded our outreach in powerful new ways. This commentary marks the 100th video in the Heavens Declare the Glory of God series. Some critics cannot see the importance … Read More

April’s Astronomical Events

When we reach the mid to latter part of the month of April, look for the planet Jupiter to drop low on the horizon in the early hours after sunset. The month of April should also provide us with many great opportunities to see some of the most famous galaxies in our Creator’s Universe. Don’t … Read More

News in April 2013

The year 2013 will provide many more exciting opportunities to share the Gospel and the message of Creation as found in the Bible. David will be leading worship and a featured speaker at “Purify 2013” in Harrison, Indiana May 30 – June 2. Registration Closing Soon. If you would like to bring David to speak … Read More

Muita matéria, muita fé!

O ateu, muitas vezes, acredita que ao rejeitar o conceito de um Criador esteja eliminando a necessidade de fé. Para ele, essa rejeição é a única forma de manter uma abordagem científica, tirando de cena a fé. Rejeitar a ideia de Deus, no entanto, serve apenas para tornar as coisas infinitamente mais complicadas para a … Read More

Billions of Earths in the Galaxy – David Rives

It seems that every week, a new supposed Earth-like planet is reported in the news, some recent articles even claiming that there are several billion similar planets in our galaxy alone. But how much do we really know about these other systems? A recent report by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics reveals that the closest … Read More

El Creador y el Evangelio

En los últimos seis años, nosotros en Ministerios David Rives han visto a otros a aprender y crecer en las verdades de la Biblia, sino también, hemos crecido – y ampliado nuestro alcance en poderosas nuevas formas. Este comentario se celebra el vídeo número 100 de la serie, Los Cielos Declaran la Gloria de Dios. … Read More

New Book From David Rives Ministries

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! We all know that everyday is a blessing from our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. However, this day comes with an added bonus for us… Today, David Rives’ exciting new book:“WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER” IS NOW OFFICIALLY RELEASED!!! In this thought provoking book with over 160 photos, diagrams, and star charts, David builds a … Read More

Lo que no hemos observado

Hay muchos argumentos de peso en contra de las teorías de la evolución de Darwin y la evolución cósmica. Muchos de estos argumentos son presentadas como observaciones que indican que el diseño en lugar del azar. Pero ¿qué pasa con la asombrosa falta de observación con respecto a la teoría de la evolución? Echemos un … Read More

Skywatch: March 17th, 2013

With the arrival of the Spring season comes the soon departure of the famed winter constellation of Orion. On Friday, March 22nd, as the three famed belt stars are now nearly horizontal, the constellation is flanked to the right by the planet Jupiter and to the left by the bright star known as “Sirius” Sirius, … Read More

Comet Pan-STARRS visible til end of March?

By now we have all gotten wind of the ‘buzz’ about comet Pan-STARRS. If you have not yet seen the spectacle, you may have another opportunity to see it. Reports tell us that the comet may be visible with binoculars through the end of the month of March. Please send us an email if you … Read More

“Creation Today” Show Taping

David returned Wednesday, March 13th after giving a presentation in Florida on Monday evening, at the Creation Store. He spent Tuesday afternoon at the studio with Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor filming a “Creation Today” show. The show will air on Thursday, March 21st. Stay tuned next week for details and a link to watch … Read More

A Lot of Matter – A Lot of Faith – David Rives

Many times, atheists believe that they are eliminating the need for faith when they reject the concept of a Creator. They believe that this is the only way to maintain a scientific approach, and take faith out of the picture. However, rejecting the idea of God only serves to make things infinitely more complicated for … Read More

Presentation @ CSE Creation Store

EVENT REMINDER: David will be giving a presentation on Creation and Biblical Astronomy TONIGHT! WHERE: CSE Creation Store 5800 North W. St. Suite 9 Pensacola, Florida 32505 WHEN: 7:00 P.M. CST This event is FREE and open to the public, so bring friends and family for a wonderful time of fellowship and inspiration. See you … Read More

Special Offer on “FOREVER” CD from David Rives Ministries!

Special Offer on “FOREVER” CD from David Rives Ministries! David Rives Ministries is providing you with an awesome opportunity to share inspirational music with your friends and family members. Now through March 7th, when you purchase a physical copy of David’s praise and worship album “FOREVER” you will receive a second copy completely FREE of … Read More

I Hate BAD Science – David Rives

While there are many atheists who would attempt to convince you that I hate science, I am NOT against science. On the contrary, in lectures all over the country, my message is decidedly pro-science. Many of my commentaries focus on the sciences of cosmology, astronomy, geology, archaeology, or biology, and how, much of science PROVES … Read More

Tecnología Asombrosa

En el mundo actual, los medios de comunicación tiene un alcance global, y en este mismo instante, este mensaje también está disponible para millones más. Se puede transmitir simultáneamente desde los extremos opuestos de la tierra, y algunos de ustedes incluso pueden estar viendo esto en su teléfono inteligente. Es difícil comprender la complejidad detrás … Read More

Giant Sunspot Photographed

NASA Cameras took photos of a massive sunspot. It has been estimated that the sunspot could be at least 6 times the diameter of the Earth.

Social Media Outreach

David will be attending the National Religious Broadcasters Convention March 3-5. We will keep you informed as things progress. We now have over 1,000 likes on Facebook, and our Twitter following is gaining momentum, reaching over 400 followers in the first 2 weeks! Find out what you are missing – Photo Of The Day – … Read More

Be Not Conformed To This World – David Rives

When it comes to evolution versus the Bible, why do some Christians simply give up when confronted with difficulty? Evolutionists have MORE unanswered questions than those who believe the words of the creation account. Standing fast in their own religion, atheistic evolutionists proudly claim that evolution proves the Bible false. Macro-evolution is but a silly … Read More

Exciting Developments Coming Soon

For over a year now, here at David Rives Ministries, we have been working fervently toward something exciting. What will be the culmination of years of research and study is finally nearing its grand introduction. Over the next few weeks, as we draw even closer to the unveiling, we will be keeping everyone updated on … Read More

The Welfare of the Nation – David Rives

The Welfare of the Nation Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States said that: “A thorough understanding of the Bible is better than a college education.” Roosevelt graduated from Harvard — Magna Cum Laude! Speaking of America, he said that: “It is necessary for the welfare of the Nation that men’s lives be … Read More

Primordial Soup – David Rives

Often, those who believe in the Bible are accused of being narrow-minded. Some say they only repeat outdated writings from ignorant ancients. But those who put their faith in evolution could be described in much the same way… The Greek philosopher Anaximenes of Miletus lived in the 6th century BC. He was one of the … Read More

Without Form and Void – David Rives

In regards to Genesis 1:2, some theistic evolutionists state that the phrase “the earth was without form and void” refers to a ruinous, chaotic heap, formed ages ago. The basis for this view rests on two words, “Tohu” and “Bohu”, the words translated as “without form” and “void”. Selective translations of those Hebrew words could … Read More

Survival of the Fittest – David Rives

We look around us and see such a vast diversity in life. Some would tell us that what we see is all part of an evolutionary process in which microscopic life forms evolved into newer and better speciation – A survival of the fittest over millions upon millions of years. But why then is there … Read More

Sir William Herschel – David Rives

Sir Frederick William Herschel was born in Hanover Germany, in 1738. At the age of 19, he moved to England, and is known as the composer of twenty four symphonies. He was talented with multiple musical instruments, and was the director of the Bath Orchestra. But Sir William Herschel is perhaps more well known in … Read More

Astrology and the Secret Cult of Mithra – David Rives

The secret cult of Mithraism was a religious order that was practiced by many in the Roman world. The religion was spread across the Mediterranean by the Cilician pirates, and worship centers were incorporated into Roman cities. In 2007, I was able to photograph a remarkably preserved representation of the mystery god, in the Vatican … Read More